Alan Fletcher

Was a British graphic designer.   Born September 1931, died September 2006.   Described by ‘The Daily Telegraph’ as – “the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific.”   Studied at: Hammersmith School of Art, Central School of Art, Royal College of Art, and Yale School of […]

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InDesign – layering

In our InDesign session, I learnt about layering and how to structure a magazine layout. This process was long, and the structure of these photographs show the step by step progress of how to develop the layout.    

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Type Description and Classification

A physical reason. Description and classification helps trace a typeface.   Type classification: Humanist Garadle – Garamond Transitional – Caslon Didone – Bodoni New Transitional – Century Schoolbook Slab-serif – Claredon Grotesque (Sans Serif) – Franklin Gothic Sans Serif (Neo-Grotesque) – Univers Sans Serif (Geometric) – Futura Sans Serif (Humanist) – Gill Sans Glyphic – […]

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Drop Cap Challenge

Our challenge for todays session was to get into groups (3), and to create our own typography in any practical way we wanted to. We had to do the whole alphabet, and every character had to be individual and not the same, i.e.¬†3D, water colour, print, etc. We divided the alphabet between the three of […]

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Presentation Practice

Group task – Lotus With this task, we had to gather into groups of four people. We all at random had a chosen category to pitch and present to the class, and we had the title ‘Sustainability’. We decided to create a slide each, and we all had one minute to present our slides and […]

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Typography – introduction

Letters: Uppercase Lowercase Counters Bowl – below baseline Ascenders – above height Descender – below height X – height – level lettering   Times New Roman – Newspaper font, officiant   Futura Standard Medium font – Vampire Weekend   Windsor typography – Woody Allen Typographer created ‘Stranger Things’ type font   Garamond – Serif – […]

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Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a lettering artists, illustrator author and type designer. She is best known for her personal project – ‘Daily Drop Cap’. In 2006, she graduated with a degree in Graphic and Interactive design. Hische has worked with clients such as Wes Anderson, Penguins Books, Tiffany & Co., Victoria Secret’s, etc. She worked with […]

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