Information Graphics: App Commercial Scenario

In this workshop, we have been given the task to choose an app too summarise its usage in one scenario through a infographic. I have to combine infographics and a narrative.  This is not to create an instruction manual. This is to create a poster to allow the potential-user to understand the benefits of the social app.

• You should not use screenshot nor text except for the name of the app.
• You are asked to explain visually with icons and/or diagrams
what the app is for and how it does work.
•You should not focus on details but emphasis the benefits
the user will draw from the app.


information graphics- app


I decided to choose Snapchat as it is a very popular social app which I use myself so this would be easily relatable. Whilst creating this poster, I decided to use the colours yellow, black and white as they are represented by the ghost (icon). This also would be easily recognised by millennial people as social media is so big today.


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