Abstract Emotional Shapes

In this session, we were given 3 shapes and 3 colours only to use to create on abstract piece on certain emotions. I based my pieces on: Annoyed Happy Sad Afraid Shy Hyper Stuck Calm Lonely Tense Surprised Lust   These are my final pieces of abstract emotions. I thought carefully about what colours suited […]

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The subject was originally spelled semeiotics to honour John Locke. Greek word “semeion” means signs.   Saussure: Ferdinand de Saussure – father of modern linguistics   Signifier These are words or phrases that are completely random meaning. No necessary connection. The meaning expressed is unique to every culture.   Signification The transfer of information from the […]

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Cove Studio

Open face – soft light lighting Fennel – soft light, even light Arris 800, 650 – most used Minilite elincram – soft shadow lighting Diffuser   Copy lighting: Minilite – 35/45 degrees with 2 lights to cancel out shadows. Always split background and subject.     Terminology: Main light Hair light Background light   Set […]

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Experimental Image Making

In this session, we were sat on a table of 7, with paper booklets in front of us. We were all given a number up to 7, and had an abstract image on the board, and with our chosen number, we had to create what we could see on the board onto our page.   This […]

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Critical Language

Discussing design: Never use ‘I love this’ Not critical writing Not to use ‘I like this’ More analytical   Look for: Evidence Reasoning Proof Why is it important   Do the research: Looking at what worked previously Audience feedback Appropriate input   Who? Who are you talking about: This may be a person Company Product […]

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Split type/portrait type

In this session, we were on InDesign, and using the letter of our first name an our chosen letter  – Joanna Nova – we had to distort letters. This was done by typing your letter, then selecting type – creative outlines, and then selecting a box over the part of the letter you want to […]

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