Presentation Practice

Group task – Lotus

With this task, we had to gather into groups of four people. We all at random had a chosen category to pitch and present to the class, and we had the title ‘Sustainability’. We decided to create a slide each, and we all had one minute to present our slides and try and sell off sustainability.

My slide was – ‘how to lead a sustainable life’ – and I researched more into the way we could save energy in your household. I mainly spoke about solar power energy and asked questions to the class, being interactive, outgoing and understandable.

I received good feedback off my lecturer asking if I had ever done this before, and I have never pitched before, so this feedback was very positive to me.


Title – Sustainability

  • What it is
  • Products of sustainability
  • Results of it
  • How to lead a sustainable life – my research


How to lead a sustainable life:

  • Drink tap water
  • Unplug
  • Walk don’t drive
  • Use stairs not lift
  • Environmental
  • Conserve energy




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