Space, Scale and Scenario

You can go down many routes with a degree with graphic design. This workshop is an example as we had to create a mini version set of a stage show, theatre play, television show or show set up. I decided to make the set of the broadway production of Phantom of the Opera, as this is my favourite musical and the set is amazing.

For research, I wanted to gather images of the set to show what the atmosphere, colour scheme and size and more are like.


The theme is dark, cold and very minimal. The colours represent desperation for an unlikely love, a love triangle and the battle for the girl.

Using the images above, I created my artefact. I plan on using materials such as cardboard to keep the entire mock-up sturdy and paint to ensure the piece has the theme.


Using a variety of different materials, I was able to produce a scaled down set of Phantom of the Opera broadway prodcuton. Instead of creating the boxes on the side of the stage of the production I used images and card to create the boxes.


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