Unconventional CV

For our unconventional CV, we had to think of a more inventive way of showing a CV. I collected research online at graphic designer creative CV’s, and found a few ideas that I liked: My goal for the future after I graduate is to work in the music magazine industry, and I thought of an […]

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Conventional CV

For our PDP module, I have had to produce a paper based conventional curriculum vitae. For this, I had to create a CV for a graphic design job, and it also has some parts of my original CV. I have a theme through my work of using geometric designs, and I believe the Futura font […]

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What is a Graphic Designer?

What is the role of the Graphic Designer? The role of a graphic  design is to create visual concepts, either from sketches or via software. This to show ideas that have been informed or inspired by the client. They create the overall layout and design for magazines, brochures, advertisements, etc. The role can also be […]

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Developing a CV

No perfect template Each sector may require a different emphasis on a different aspect of the content CV should be written and information that should be included No more than 2 sides of A4 It should be positive Personal details: name, address, phone, email, professional social media Career history – recent job first A personal […]

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Presentation Practice

Group task – Lotus With this task, we had to gather into groups of four people. We all at random had a chosen category to pitch and present to the class, and we had the title ‘Sustainability’. We decided to create a slide each, and we all had one minute to present our slides and […]

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Going Freelance

Create an effective online portfolio. Create an equally effective print portfolio, business cards, CV, etc. Be professional and bold. Go the extra mile for your customers. Take the small jobs first. Do not underestimate yourself. Networking. Practice. Pay attention. Funding and a business plan. Invoices. Their details and yours. Itemized list of services. Include your […]

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Pitching and Presentation

Who is the client or company? Background research names   Preparation: Resources Props can be used Back up   Have a start, middle and end Background Development   Practice Rehearse Planning Timing   Do not waffle Prepare to stop for questions or answers Mainly add information, not animation Be ready to go back over any […]

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