Type & Image

This was my first module – Type and Image. Brief: To produce 3 type specimen books produced in InDesign, and a body of work that reflects the workshops throughout the module. Aims: • To explore the relationship of image and text as a major component of illustration and graphic design practices. • To develop skills […]

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Adobe Illustrator Introduction

Adobe Illustrator is used to create many things for art – artistic type, logos, emblems, symbols, full artistic illustrations, etc. The only thing that Adobe Illustrator is bad for is editing photos, and layouts are complicated.   What is vector and raster? Vectors are a mathematical shape based object. Raster images are pixel based.   […]

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Experimental Image Making

In this session, we were sat on a table of 7, with paper booklets in front of us. We were all given a number up to 7, and had an abstract image on the board, and with our chosen number, we had to create what we could see on the board onto our page.   This […]

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Split type/portrait type

In this session, we were on InDesign, and using the letter of our first name an our chosen letter  – Joanna Nova – we had to distort letters. This was done by typing your letter, then selecting type – creative outlines, and then selecting a box over the part of the letter you want to […]

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Swatches, Colours and Finishes

Pantone colours are an industry recognised physical swatch book of colours. Hundreds of colours and shades with a reference colour. These kind of colours are referred to in different ways – pantone colours, PMS colours, and mostly as “Spot colours”. Set any colour swatch in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop – used to define more than […]

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InDesign – layering

In our InDesign session, I learnt about layering and how to structure a magazine layout. This process was long, and the structure of these photographs show the step by step progress of how to develop the layout.    

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Drop Cap Challenge

Our challenge for todays session was to get into groups (3), and to create our own typography in any practical way we wanted to. We had to do the whole alphabet, and every character had to be individual and not the same, i.e. 3D, water colour, print, etc. We divided the alphabet between the three of […]

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