Idea Generation

In this session, we had to apply the theory of the 6 thinking hats to our project 1.

  • Option 1 – Paper brand
  • Option 2 – Ethical coffee brand
  • Option 3 – Dreams as products

From each of these options, we had to create a mind map using the 6 thinking hats and apply them.

As I chose to go forward and develop my thoughts with option 2, I mainly focused my energy into this mind map.


Option 2 – Ethical Coffee Brand



  • It’s hot
  • Bitter
  • Not everyone likes it
  • Pricey
  • Older target audience



  • Nice branding
  • Variety
  • International
  • High demand
  • Easy target audience
  • Cheap
  • Gives energy



  • Most people drink coffee
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable cups
  • Cheaper and better to have at home rather than shop or cafe
  • Branding – want some colour



  • Brining cups back for cheaper drink
  • Colourful branding
  • Easily packaging
  • Spain – coffee after dinner



  • Ethiopia is where it originates
  • Arabic is original coffee word – “Kahve”
  • It’s everywhere
  • Buy it most places



  • Where will the ethnicity part come in
  • Who will this be targeted at
  • What name
  • Plan for action


By applying these thinking hats to my option, it made me think more of how I was going to produce my ethical coffee brand.

This workshop has helped with my option as it has made me research more and helped develop my coffee brand. I took into consideration more with the facts and the feelings. As this is my developing work, I am wanting the 6 thinking hats theory to come across my work.


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