7″ Record Cover


‘Produce 7 x covers (one for each artist, or your own selection).

  • Jesus & Mary Chain – Just Like Honey
  • The Temptations – Get Ready
  • Stooges – Search & Destroy
  • Sound Garden – Black Hole Sun
  • Camille – Gospel With No Lord
  • Visage – Fade To Grey
  • Nick Drake – Fruit Tree

Your design must not include the artists name or the song title.

Include design inspiration information up to 140 characters as an insert to the finished mock ups.’

7 Vinyl Sleeve Template

Stooges – Search and Destroy

The lyrics from this single gave me a visual journey, and made me think of a man running from an old world to a new world, with my vision of a destroyed world in the background, and the foreground reaching out towards new life. I wanted to create an album cover that was not all media based, so I created this collage by using various images and a sketch of my interpretation of the song.


Camille - Gospel With No Lord

Camille – Gospel With No Lord

With the whispering at the start of the song, this made me think of having multiple lips on the cover to resemble the start of the track. It was very rememberable and I feel that the cover looks unique. For this, I wore multiple shades of lipstick and had my lips pressed against paper. I scanned in the images and created multiple layers. Whilst editing, I had some of the lips either fully showing, and some of the details of creases scattered around the outside, creating this effecting. I feel this resembles the song very well.


Nick Drake - fruit tree

Nick Drake – Fruit Tree

The lyrics taken from the song on the back cover of the sleeve influenced my design of life from birth, and through life gets famous and progressively comes down to depression and eventually death. I decided to use glitch in my piece, as I researched into this song and that it is actually very dark. The glitch used towards the right side of the front cover represents the darkness and how depression leads to an early death for the artist.


Sound Garden 2

Sound Garden – Black Hole Sun

My first time listening to this song and the lyrics, it made me think of someone on drugs, with the universe coming out of someone to symbolise the smoking and hallucinations that follow with drugs. The drugs represent the end of the world and destroying himself, with the galaxy effect symbolising an ideal world for him as he sees it.


The Jesus And Mary Chain - just like honey

Jesus and Mary Chain – Just Like Honey

The influence for this cover was from the music video of Just Like Honey, with the font type in the background and with the bands iconic hair style. The colours used were inspired by the album cover with the stripes as they compliment each other very well.


The Temptations - get ready

The Temptation – Get Ready

This cover was influenced by the era of the time this music was released in the 60s. Whilst researching, I found that the colours used were very vibrant, and that circular or flower patterns were very common and seen in most fashion and music in the 60s. Whilst listening to the song, I visualised a girl blowing bubble gum, as the vibe of the song reminded me of Grease. With that influence, I researched into popular hairstyles and chose this ladies afro as it represents that band better.


Visage - fade to grey

Visage – Fade To Grey

Influenced by the lyrics, ‘two eyes staring cold and silent, show fear as to hide’. For the front cover, I created an illustrated piece with a pair of eyes which looks dull and it gives the feeling of “cold dead eyes”. I used the gradient of black to white to represent the overall “cold” feeling that this song portrays.





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