Unconventional CV

For our unconventional CV, we had to think of a more inventive way of showing a CV. I collected research online at graphic designer creative CV’s, and found a few ideas that I liked:

My goal for the future after I graduate is to work in the music magazine industry, and I thought of an idea of developing a CV in the form of a musical box. As when you lift the lid open, relevant music to the magazine will be playing. I was interested in producing a CV inspired by image 2, with each circle having different sections of my CV printed on, with my geometric pattern printed on the back like my paper based CV.

The development: I created a box, and scanned the shape of the lid to get measurements for my brand logo for the lid, and also for my circles to apply my CV onto. My circles include – personal information, key skills, expertise, experience, etc. For connecting all the circles together, I used black thread as I thought it represents the lines of my geometric back cover, and sewed each circle together, and attached the top circle to the lid and the bottom circle to the bottom of the box. I also made a pattern from the line of circles to be information and then background cover, to give it more diversity and to look more appealing. As this CV was developing, I tried to think of how to add music to my box. I decided to buy a recordable blank pulley, but with only 20 seconds of recording space. For this, I looked at relevant and current music I could use to record on, but as the development of the box got more diverse, I could not put in the pulley as it would need to physically be opened, and it would not work with the lid coming off or with the paper information coming out. Overall, I am happy with the development of my creative unconventional CV, and if I were to do this again, I would have developed a better way of involving the pulley.


lid coverside viewclose up 2close upfull body


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