Screen Printing

The material to place your starting image with:

  • True grain paper
  • Posca pens – as normal pens or sharpies ink will not show well during the printing process.


Screen to be fine mesh.

Nylon screen.


Exposure unit.

Expose image for 25 seconds.

Put in dryer for 15/20 minutes.17474235_1604946159520319_1331996497_o

Put screen on top of images.

Place screen at an angle then lower, make sure images have enough space around.

Vacuum on, press start button, vacuum off.

Mesh towards you when taking it out. 17474298_1604946166186985_1946233473_o17454857_1604946139520321_31625570_o

Spray screen from back with water and then the front.

Use the sponge to rinse the back.

Dry frame.

Put in bottom draw of dryer.

15 minutes to dry.17475007_1604946202853648_1296477034_o17453516_1604946199520315_699704121_o17430912_1604946216186980_2104540487_o

Use brown tape and stick around the frame of the screen.

Cover all gaps to prevent paint ruining through the frame.

Inks: 60% medium and 40% acrylic.

Make sure squeegee is bigger then image.

Repeat 3/4 times.


After finishing the screen prints, you have to take them to be power washed.

First wash the top half at the front of the board, and turn around.

Then repeat at bottom.

When you see the paint coming off, use a chemical and scrub all over the back and front.

Use a power jet to wash away – use gloves, ear goggles and ear protecters.


Final outcome:



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