Launch Brief- Brand Guidelines & Extensions

Our brief for this module is to select a business and consider how I might brand this utilising the characteristics of a particular animal using Illustrator.

The symbol solution must reference animal resources and researched collected. With this research, I also have to research and develop an appropriate name for the business.


We then had a task of trying to think of brands that use animals in their logos. In my group, we came up with a good list of well known brands that use animals to appeal to the customer:

  • Cheetos
  • WWF
  • Twitter
  • Nandos
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Jack Wills
  • Hollister
  • American Eagle
  • Frosties
  • Whiskers
  • Ferrari
  • Jaguar
  • Radley
  • Dove
  • Fox’s mint

This power point was some research on the brand and why we think they used animals to represent their brand, and some secondary research to see why they actually used the animal.



All big brands have ‘brand guidelines’ to their work. This is to show designers how to use the logo and to not change the representation of the logo. Big brands like Twitter have these guidelines to show designers if the logo needs to be updated, as trends can come in or out, and still be popular.


With Twitter, there are certain colour values that need to be included in the logo. They are also the only colours the designer can use, as it represents to brand and is well known. With this logo, it says in their guidelines, “the Twitter logo is always either blue or white. It must be legible and maintain the integrity of its form.” However, all brands need a black and white version for newspapers or a print that does not produce in colour. Twitter also have the swatches for designers so they know the colours, and it can only be those colours as they are recognisable to anyone on that social media.

Also on the guidelines, they would have guides on clear space and minimum size, lock-ups, social icons, misuse, typeface, anatomy, variations, the use of Twitter marks and Twitter trademark guidelines. So a designer has to follow in these strict rules, but is doable and can help create the next iconic logo.


For my chosen business, my client will be a laundrette. With a laundrette, it is all about washing the clothes, and tumble driers.

To link a laundrette with an animal, I looked more into what I think about when I see the word laundrette – bubbles, water, clean, calm, patient, busy. From these words, I am thinking of looking at animals that are either sea life, or some type of clean mammal that would be eye catching to customers and appropriate for the age group and the business.

For my client – laundrette – I am looking at the age groups of students, lower class families, wealthy people, elderly people (70 plus), and mothers. I think this is the target audience for a variety of laundrettes as depending on the person, for example, students may get discount for a certain amount of washing and dry.

I have done some research on some animals that I can associate to cleanliness are leopards, birds, fish, insects, cats and dogs. To me the most appropriate for this business would be sea life, or some type of bird that evolves around water.

The animal I am most interested in looking at the moment are swans, jelly fish, leopards and fish. This idea may change through out the process, but as a starter, these animals have stood out the most to me. With these animals, I think they will stand out to certain people more than others. As the ideas develop, I could try to make some of the animals look less childish, and appeal to more adults rather than just families with children who just like the logo.





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