Risograph Printing

What is a risograph printer?

This printer is still like a normal photo copier printer, however, risograph is a high speed digital printing system manufactured by Riso Kagaku Corporation and was designed for high volume photocopying and printing.

It is a mix of a screen printer and a photo copier.


This sort of printer is used to create zines and self publication.

  • Punk
  • Rock and Roll
  • Riot Girl
  • Confused
  • Hato Press
  • Rope Press

All of these companies have created these zines by most probably a Risograph printer. You can only use two colours at a time. The most common colours I have seen for creating zines are black and red, as it gives more effect to the zine.


Our class brief was to create one A3 poster, that has to have a narrative, and to use a maximum of four colours.

We decided to base our zine on ‘Kitty the Missing Cat,’ based on one of the team members cat. Our colour scheme was going to be black text, pink paw prints for the cat as she is female, and mainly white space, so the attention was focused more on the text and imagery.



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