Adobe Illustrator Introduction

Adobe Illustrator is used to create many things for art – artistic type, logos, emblems, symbols, full artistic illustrations, etc.

The only thing that Adobe Illustrator is bad for is editing photos, and layouts are complicated.


What is vector and raster?


Vectors are a mathematical shape based object.

Raster images are pixel based.


Resizing a vector means that the shape can retain a high quality no matter how big you scale it – pdf, svg.

A raster image however will distort and become pixelated – jpeg, tiff.


Shapes and Bezier Curves

Illustrator does not use pixels to build artwork.



In our session, we started with opening a new document up, and changing essentials to layout. Then a table would appear on the side, and we then had to select the box shown above, and I then appears with ‘Align’ and ‘Pathfinder’.



We then had to create a range of shapes, and with those shapes we had to merge them together. To do this, we had to place the shape over the other shape, and then go onto pathfinder, select the first option with a square over laying another square. This is to ‘unite’ the shapes together.


To create the curves in the shape, on the left hand side is another table with icons along the side. If you select the pen tool, and click down and move the mouse to ‘Add Anchor Point Tool,’ this will allow you to add more anchor points to your shape. This then allowing you to curve your shape.


This shape was created by using layering. I first created the large red circle, and then multiple small black spots. I then highlighted the black spots and again selected unite in pathfinder. I then had the spots set to bring forward, and placed on top of the red circle. As there were still circles around the red circle, I then went to select object – clipping mask – mask, and then it merges the two shapes together.


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