Design for Social Change

In the last 3 weeks, we were given a brief from Plymouth Council to help change the city in the next 10-20 years times.

We were given a booklet of what the council wants to do in the next few years to make Plymouth a better city – i.e. more people to live in the city, tourism to rise, more young adults to live and work in the city, etc.

From looking at this booklet, we saw that they were planning to change to train station to make it more modern and appealing for locals and especially tourist.

As a team, we decided to look more into what the train station is like now, and what we would rather it be like instead. We wanted to make the whole station more up to date and modern and more appealing. From this idea, we redesigned the train station to make it appear more modern, and to look similar to Reading train station. This seems to be more eye catching, and I would be more attracted to visit Plymouth more.


Also to link with this idea, we decided to create an “app.” This prototype app is to help tourists get from the train station to where ever they want to go.

To do this, we created posters that show popular and well known places around Plymouth, and that they would be placed around the inside of the train station. You would have to download an app – ‘Plymouth City’ – and from this app, there is a scan code in the corners of the posters. If you wanted to know how to get there, scan the poster with the destination, and a map will appear on your phone. The different posters will have a themed border with colours that represent the destination, and these colours will appear on the map. This shown by the image below – the app logo – find your poster with the scanner open – which will show a map. TAP IT, SCAN IT, FIND IT.unnamed-6


From the 3 weeks of creating this work, we then had an exhibition to show to other subjects what graphic design is all about. We displayed our work for students and tutors to look at, and we got very good feedback and a lot of interest into the course and our final produced work.




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