Experimental Image Making

In this session, we were sat on a table of 7, with paper booklets in front of us. We were all given a number up to 7, and had an abstract image on the board, and with our chosen number, we had to create what we could see on the board onto our page.



This was the outcome of my booklet passed around the table. I started on the very end with a line/typeface approach. From that, people carried on with the geometric theme and created lovely doodle like pieces.


These pieces are from other peoples booklet.


Tape heart – from this booklet, I could see from the previous page the use of tape. The pink then made me think of hearts, and then the amount of lines used made me think of heartbreak. So within the tape, I produced a broken heart, using more contrasting dark colours to make it stand out.



‘Christmas’ pattern – with this piece, I looked at the main colours used for the original first piece. The patterns were developed by using dots to represent the disco ball, lines for the disco floor, and the middle black lines with circles for the little stickmen on the first piece.



Dot work pizza – I created this pizza as the abstract piece next to my page had a triangle on the edge of the page. It reminded me of a pizza, so I developed this dot work piece of pizza.


Doodle – these drawings are from my booklet. The left is my first drawing. From observing the piece on the board, I could see the letter H. I then developed this H typeface, and added some key words of how I felt about the piece – ‘flamboyant’ and ‘harsh’. The second image is my last drawing in my booklet. I think the use of lines was carried out through this whole booklet, and was interpreted in different styles.



Watermelon pattern – this pattern was developed from the previous drawing of the watermelon. I took the concepts of the patterns and merged them together.



Poppy – this poppy was developed by first the colour scheme, and also the field of roses. Also the day was remembrance day, so I thought this would be suitable to create with my dot work style.



Cheshire cat – this was developed as the previous drawing reminded me of mad hatters hat. With the style and colouring, it made me think of Alice in Wonderland. From that thought, it made me think of Cheshire cat.


This session was very interesting to be apart of. It was more hands on and creative and more interactive with other people. It was interesting to see what  story boards we created from each others work, and what the final outcome looked like.


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