Interdisciplinary – Photography Induction

Digital SLR


  • Variable focal length/prime lens
  • Standard
  • Wide angle – less than 35
  • Telephoto lens – more than 35



  • Yellow – settings
  • Blue – playback
  • Red – taking photos



  • L, M, S – JPEG
  • RAW – not compressed





Essentials to set up your camera:


  • whole size
  • depth of field
  • smaller number – big hole
  • bigger number – smaller hole

Shutter Speed:

  • fraction of a second
  • speech marks – seconds
  • stop blur
  • fast shutter speed – stops image instantly if moving
  • long shutter – blur effect


  • sensitivity of sensor
  • how light it is
  • bigger number – more sensitive
  • lower number – less sensitive


In this new interdisciplinary workshop, we are learning about photography.

I studied photography for 2 years in college, so I knew the basics, but I have forgotten some terminology and how to set up the camera. It was enjoyable to be reminded of what I used to study, and how much I enjoyed photography.

In this first workshop, we went through how to use a camera and what all the settings meant. After learning about the camera, we went out to take photos with changing the shutter speed, and the ISO to see how the photos would develop.


Shutter speed – f/10, f/16, f/16, f/4

Aperture – 0.6 sec, 1 sec, 1/15, 1/640

ISO – 800, 100, 6400, 640



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