Interdisciplinary Studies – Film Making

In this lecture, we had our introduction to our module, ‘Experience, Reflect, Learn, Share, Design for Change’, which is our topic of our studies. At first, I did not fully understand what we were supposed to be doing for these sessions, but further explanation helped me understand the context more. This module is set into three parts/three experiences, where we collaborate with other subjects in the college to meet our briefs.

In our first session, we had a workshop focusing on our pre-production. I learnt the different stages of this, and why it is essential. We developed our pre-production by analysing two photographs, and our final idea from our photos was to create a suicidal film. We had our brief to shoot this film in 10 shots. We all discussed in a group types of locations and also who was to edit, be the model and direct the shoot.

From this first session, I have gained more confidence in working with other people, and projecting my ideas to the table.


Our second session was our development workshop. We created a storyboard for our final shots idea. As a whole class, we also looked at other development stages – script writing, story boarding and locations – to help produce our final outcome. After developing our storyboard, my team went out to shoot locations for our short film.


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