Typography Design – Layout Design


Josef Muller Brockmann:


  • Swiss design – international typographic style
  • Emphasizes cleanliness, readability and objectivity
  • Modernist
  • Grid based ideas
  • Studied architecture
  • Minimalism
  • Born after Swiss design
  • Typography uses strict grid systems
  • Founded Total Design
  • Use type as image in posters


Layout design: the components:

  • Spatial zones – groups of modules or columns that can form specific areas for type, ads, images, or other information.
  • Modules – are individual divisions separated by consistent space, providing a repeated ordered grid.
  • Columns – are vertical containers that hold type or images, the width of columns and the number per page can vary.
  • Margins – are buffer zones, they represent the amount of space between the trim size, including the gutter, and the page content.
  • Markers – help a reader navigate a document.

Use of white space.

Multicolumn grids systems are suitable layout for magazine and website design.


Layout design: the basic structures:

  • A single-column grid is generally used for continuous running text, such as essays, reports, or books. The main feature on the page or spread is the block of text.
  • A two-column grid can be used to control a lot of text or to present different kinds of information in separate columns. A double-column grid can be arranged with columns of equal or unequal width. In ideal proportions, when one column is double the width of the narrow column.
  • Multicolumn grids afford greater flexibility than single or two-column grids, combine of varying widths and are useful for magazines and websites.
  • Modular grids are best for controlling the kind of complex information found in newspapers, calendars, charts, and tables. They combine vertical and horizontal columns, which arrange the structure into smaller chunks of space.
  • Hierarchical grids break the page into zones. Many hierarchical grids are composed of horizontal columns.


Grid structure task:

This little task was to set out text into a grid structure, and to come up with multiple ways to lay out the text.


Layout design – typography:

The first task was to create our own font using the grid system, and to produce the whole alphabet. I prefer the first image as it looks very individual and is similar to the Franklin gothic type.

Close up of font.


Final outcome of font type from original first alphabet, and type on a larger scale.


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