Developing a CV

  • No perfect template
  • Each sector may require a different emphasis on a different aspect of the content
  • CV should be written and information that should be included
  • No more than 2 sides of A4
  • It should be positive
  • Personal details: name, address, phone, email, professional social media
  • Career history – recent job first
  • A personal profile which sells yourself and your qualities, tailored towards the job you are applying for
  • Achievements from previous jobs
  • Qualifications and training from previous jobs
  • Interests
  • References



Pitfalls of Developing a CV

  • Poor spelling is the quickest way of getting rejected
  • Check 5/6 adverts for a particular job and then use common requirements to mould the CV
  • CV has to be targeted at the right application job
  • Do not add photo of yourself to the CV – people make presumptions based on looks
  • Think about type size, legibility and layout
  • Print CV onto high quality paper or card – makes it look more professional and stands out



Unconventional CV

  • Board game
  • CD and booklet
  • Packaging
  • Chocolate bar
  • Drinks carton
  • App game

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