David A Smith

His career started in 1984 aged 16 and was apprenticed for 5 years with Gordon Farr and two associates.

He then became an accomplished draftsman, accurate letter painter and pictorialist.

1992 – set up his own business in Torquay doing sign trade from vehicle graphics to 3D installations.

At the peak of his sign company success, he sold his business to concentrate more fully on his gilding, painting and acid-etching glass work.

David shares his studies and skills with friends, family and new designers in the sign trade through courses, step by step introductions and one to ones.

He has also produced a single album cover for American singer John Mayers, whos music is acoustic, folk/blues/country/soul genre. As his music is so aesthetic, he wanted to show his passion also through his album cover. His style he was so long looking for was to have included in the artwork coins, watches, flowers and ribbons – old school look. This piece took around a month to complete, drawings developed separately and most of the artwork developed from vectoring and finishing on Photoshop.

Looking through David’s work, watching how he creates his pieces of work really inspired me. It made me think if I work hard enough, I can create great pieces of work and enjoy what I do. He seems so dedicated to what he does, and that is through just doing what he loves. The passion he showed through his work, made me reflect on my work and how passionate I am about my artwork and where I want to go in the future. All it takes to create outstanding pieces of work , is to enjoy what you do, and to think of it being your life and not just a standard job.



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