Going Freelance

Create an effective online portfolio.

Create an equally effective print portfolio, business cards, CV, etc.

Be professional and bold.

Go the extra mile for your customers.

Take the small jobs first.

Do not underestimate yourself.



Pay attention.

Funding and a business plan.


Their details and yours.

Itemized list of services.

Include your terms.

Let them know how to pay you.

Numbers and keeping records.

Thank them, and ask them to thank you.


Pricing Structure:

  • Logo design and branding – couple hundred to £1,000
  • Stationary – couple hundred pounds
  • Website design – £250 – £1,000
  • Packaging design – start at £1/2,000
  • Brochure/magazine design – start at £1,000
  • Email campaigns – start at £500


Hourly rates:

  • Calculate your business, related expenses for an entire year, which include:
  • – Hardware
  • – Software
  • – Cost of attending conferences
  • – Advertising and marketing
  • – Domain names
  • – Office supplies
  • – Office rental
  • – Insurance
  • – Legal and accounting fees
  • – Membership dues

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