Manipulating and Warping Type – Photoshop


In this session of type and image, we had to have our chosen letter and choose from one character to work with for our production of our books for the future.

I had the letter ‘G’, and so I worked with the character Joanna Nova, as I see this character as feminine, elegant, bold and outstanding.

Using Illustration, I created my G, and added spiral effects and lining with different stroke sizes. This has given my lettering more of a feminine touch and looks more individual.



We had to then print out our chosen letter with our chosen character and cut out the letter.

This workshop was photography, Photoshop and Illustration based work, as we first created the letter on Illustrator, then having to make the letter look distorted to give more of an effect. I used the materials of paper and acetate to create different backgrounds and textures and give more effect to the photo. I then from my best selection of photos, edited them on Photoshop.

On Photoshop, I used mainly to edit my photos by selecting image – mode – grayscale – image – mode – bitmap to give the photos more texture, and make the colours more contrasting against each other to make it stand out. With the bottom photos, I used invert to see how the contrasting the colours would be, and it has come out very bold, sharp and eye catching.

This workshop has made me see that I can use my type in any way practically and make it look more outstanding. I think these have turned out to be very bold, eye catching pieces of lettering, and would work well in my books.


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